Tuesday, January 18, 2011

librabry cards by hownowdesign

It's Winter Colours Week over at Poppytalk.  I am enjoying some serious eye candy!  Visit the Flickr Pool for all kinds of lovely!  It's easy to get in on the action too.
Jan. 17/11 - Monday - Reds (cerise, berry...)!
Jan. 18/11 - Tuesday - Whites (dove, whites, off whites, whatever shade of white you think)
Jan. 19/11 - Wednesday - Blues (Navy Blue, Turquoise...)
Jan. 20/11 - Thursday - Greens (Mint green, spruce...)
Jan. 21/11 - Friday - Silver and Gold!

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  1. Thanks for the mention my friend! : ) Did you know that Abbey (of howdesign) - has those library cards placed on her wall like wallpaper. So cool. i think there's more pics of it on her flickr (near this one).