Monday, January 24, 2011

While having my morning coffee, I overheard a blurb of news coming from the TV.  Basically it said that the state of Georgia might do away with teaching children cursive writing.  A representative talked about how this form of handwriting has now become obsolete.  She went onto speak about how children now use their thumbs to communicate through text, while pen and ink are essentially archaic tools of the past.  This was sad news to hear.  My degree is in secondary education and I understand a great deal about all of the requirements and pressures that teachers and the administration are currently under (E.g. having to teach to the test).  However, I can't agree with wittingly manufacturing another "lost art."

My grandmother was also watching the news at the time.  She was just as moved by it as I was.  If there is anything that reminds me of my grandmother, it's her love for penmanship.  She has been so proud of her handwriting for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, I remember her getting onto me about my backwards slant just as much as my horrible posture.

I asked her why the thought of no more cursive in school was upsetting.  Her response was, "we all need a John Hancock."

I sat Barb down and had her write her name so that I could snap a couple of photos.  Her writing is so pretty and her hands are just as lovely.  She claims that her writing has gone way downhill with age. I disagree.  I think it's wonderful.  Her hands match her letters.


  1. Well said and well written. I couldn't agree more....with your position and your grandmother's exquisite handwriting. How lovely to be near her.