Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have been down and out for a while.  This climate change has really done me in.  I had a cold which turned into bronchitis then quickly changed to double pneumonia.  I've been on bed rest for the past few days.  Luckily its my bed and not the hospital's.  This morning was the first morning that I felt like staying up a while.  I have been keeping up with things on my phone and realized that I get to share something very exciting!
I recently participated in a project for Joie Magazine.  Jen, the editor made a call to artists for a printable that would be a supplement to the Lovely issue. Eighteen artists participated in the project and supplied printables like Valentine's Day cards, prints, stationary, and coloring pages.
I created a DIY autograph book.  It wasn't long after I wrote about my antique autograph books.  I thought this project would be a wonderful way to act on bringing them back/modernizing them.  The book in the photo is cut from a recycled grocery bag.  The printable includes a cover page and 2 choices of introduction pages.  There are simple instructions on how to make your very own modern autograph book.
So thankful for Jen and Joie Magazine for letting me offer the autograph book! Explore Joie Magazine and purchase your printable


  1. These are beautiful Rikkianne!

  2. Thank you, Jan. Its been a lot of fun having it out in the living room.