Monday, February 21, 2011

I have been making my own business cards for the print shop.  I really enjoy drawing them.  The cards represent my work and what better way to share then to give an original piece? 
I searched online for other hand drawn cards and found some fantastic examples.  My favorite was a DIY that Ez of Creature Comforts shared.  She created her own cards with paint and pen. 

Ez wrote that she was "kind of worried about making something that looked too home-ec gone awry, and even though they aren't perfect I've made the conscious choice to just let it go. I had fun making them, and I think it will be great to have a card to give out that is infused a bit of my personality."  I agree with her 100%.  Her cards are beautiful and serve not only as a marketing tool but also as an original piece of art that can be collected and displayed.