Friday, February 11, 2011

I've been fooling around with paper mache.  I really enjoy it because it is a type of project that I can leave and come back to whenever I have a spare moment.  I attempted to make a dog that was inspired by a sketch that I did for the record diary.  I wanted the fella to look primitive but I think he might be a bit too rough.  Either way, my adventure into paper mache land has been lots of fun.

A few things I've learned about paper mache...
According to the Encyclopedia of Antiques by Wendell Garrett, paper mache became incredibly popular at the end of the eighteenth century.  Inventor, Henry Clay created a "heat proof panel of lamintaed paper that was patented in 1772."  Finer products were made of this material while pulp was used for small scale items.  Large products like sofas were made entirely of paper mache as well as pianos!

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  1. What a beautiful creature you've brought to life! You're on to something wonderful here with your creations. Keep up the beautiful work!

  2. Thank you, Mandy. He was a challenge but so much fun. I am enjoying this medium for sure!