Monday, March 7, 2011

An artful weekend that included modern art and a tattoo.  I visited the Peninsula Fine Arts Center over the weekend. My favorite exhibit was the Goode collection of modern American prints.  I was introduced to the work of artists, Whitfield Lovell and Alex Katz.  I was so happy to meet those pieces!  Even though Goya, Warhol, and Dali were right down the hall, Lovell and Katz grabbed my attention and kept me for a while.  Below, in order... Two works by Whitfield Lovell (crayon on paper and charcoal on wood).  Lovell is now a favorite artist of mine.  He draws inspiration from history and works with found materials such as wood and odds and ends found at antique shops and flea markets.  I read that he has an appreciation for all things with a past and is a passionate collector.  Next are two silkscreens by Alex Katz.  I was drawn to his combination of bright color and simplicity.  Last is my new tattoo.  It is a simple arrow based on an old weather vane.  I had a lovely weekend and hope that you did too.

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  1. Love the charcoal on wood, stunning! And totally love the tattoo!