Thursday, March 3, 2011

I revisited the PBS series, Art 21 last night.  The first episode titled "Place" explores the work of Laurie Anderson, Richard Serra, Sally Mann, Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, and Pepon Osario.

This clip of Sally Mann made me smile.  She uses her head to stabilize the camera.  I love her intensity.  This piece doesn't show it but while she waits for 30 seconds, you can feel her creative energy.  Her love and need for her work is apparent.  She is having fun.

Mann's response when asked about using ordinary objects in the history of photography...

"I look at a lot of people’s work. I mean, I’m a shameless borrower. But in this case, it happened so spontaneously that I didn’t actually say “Oh, maybe I’ll take a picture just like that Irving Penn I remember being so good.” These dog bones are just making art the way art should be made, I think, without any overarching reference. Just for fun, if you can imagine that. Art for fun. Sometimes it is fun."


  1. Love that Sally Mann video. And your art work on the construction cast offs. Inspiring me....

  2. Have you seen the Art 21 series? I was so happy to find it on Netflix!