Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I found a super cute DIY on Pinterest the other day.  It uses old picture frames, a piece of burlap, and a dry erase marker to create a faux embroidery look.  I started working on it and my little one came over and jumped right in.  She was excited to use the marker on the glass.  Anything out of the ordinary that she can mark on is a plus in her book.  She is 5 years old and markers are still thought to be for big girls.
I let her go to it.  She was having a blast!  It is funny how such simple little things can be most entertaining to little ones.  I went about my business while she was playing with the frame.  I noticed that she picked one of my Maira Kalman books off the shelf.  After a while, she was done and I walked over to see the drawing above.  I love it!  I had to share.  I snapped a photo before she erased.  The frame was meant to sit on our mantle but now lives in Mia's room.  I'm thinking of gathering some different sizes and creating a hanging gallery of sorts.   This little project was a total success!