Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yesterday, we visited a few local art galleries.  San Antonio really has some incredibly talented artists.  My favorite of the day was the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center.  They had a fantastic exhibition of some of the best local artists.  The selection was such a treat.  From metal sculptures to mixed media, it showcased some impressive works. 
We also drove around Southtown for the first time.  The Southtown area is well-known as San Antonio's art district.  There is a mixture of old and new everywhere you turn.  I spied some very modern converted warehouse lofts nestled in between beautifully maintained Victorian homes.  The whole area was tree-lined and folks were actually out and about.  This was the first area that I noticed folks riding bikes and actually enjoying the outdoor cafe's.
The day was perfect and ended with something that solidified in me the notion that you can find inspiration everywhere.  I obviously discovered a ton of it in Southtown, what with its art galleries and overall vibe.  However, on our way out of this amazingly artsy community I found that it was easy to see that inspiration doesn't limit itself to certain zip codes.  As we headed through one of the rougher and less distinguished neighborhoods we drove past a fella awkwardly raking rocks out in his yard.  He was all busted up and we quickly decided that he was definitely right handed...

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