Monday, July 18, 2011

I am incredibly honored to share my solo exhibition being held by Paul Smith Globe at Terminal 5, Heathrow. Just saying that I am honored is a severe understatement. I am beyond thankful for such an incredible opportunity. In preparation for this exhibit I have had the pleasure of working with two representatives from Paul Smith and am so gratified to have been in contact with such kind and professional people. I couldn't have asked for a more positive experience.

I’d also like to pass along this lovely video, A Morning with Paul Smith. After viewing, I understood how and why my artwork fit. I was deeply moved by Paul Smith's appreciation for art in all of its mediums. What caught my attention the most was his passion for a personal touch. His down to earth personality shines. His office is full of treasures both collected and gifted. He encompasses all that is sentimental in art, fashion, and living a good life.

A Morning with Paul Smith from The Goddess Guide on Vimeo.


  1. Congratulations Rikkianne! So exciting!

  2. Sounds super super great!!! Congratulations Rikkianne :))))