Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sharing a painting for my daughter.  I painted it for her to celebrate a special moment that we spent together.  I took her to her first amusement park last week.  We spent 12 (count 'em, TWELVE hours) at Busch Gardens!  I am still recovering.  Mia rode her very first roller coaster.  She had a blast.  The day ended with fireworks and a skyride.  While we were enjoying the views from our sky car, Mia turned to me and said...
"Mommy, this was a great day.  Thank you.  It's so pretty and peaceful.  I love it when it's me and you."  I can't describe how I felt when she said that so I tried to paint it to record one of the most precious moments that we have ever shared. 

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  1. It's absolutely splendid! I find the art I create with my daughters is the most treasured. What a beautiful gift you've given sweet Mia.