Thursday, October 17, 2013

Catching up.  I want to try and make time for the ol blog.  I miss it.  I am just going to dive in.  We moved to San Antonio over a year ago and I still feel like a newcomer.  I will admit that I was not thrilled about having to move from Virginia.  I was born and raised in West Virginia and was happy to live so close to home after eight years of living in Tucson, AZ.  We have moved a lot.  Anyway, as soon as I accepted the move to TX, I made it my goal to visit Marfa as soon as possible.  I accomplished that goal by way of a mini vacation.  I absolutely loved our short stay and plan to go back for a long visit.  Sharing photos below...

Quick note about Prada, Marfa.  I recently learned that the Texas Department of Transportation has declared it to be an illegal advertisement.  Read about it here.  There is a support page on facebook here.

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