Friday, October 18, 2013

I heard that Texas had one of the biggest antique fairs in the country. It's called Texas Antique Week and happens twice a year (spring/fall). I managed to read about it just in time to make a day trip the first day it opened. 
I read that a half a dozen small towns in the middle of TX would be jam packed with antiques. I could never imagine what I saw when we arrived in Warrenton. Antique dealers, tables, tents as far as the eye could see! It was incredible. 

I quickly realized that it was no joke and definitely deserved more than a day. I decided to not worry about the other towns and just focus on one. It took us the entire day to browse about 3 miles worth of antiques. It was a blast. 

I got out of there with a super 8 camera and two antique autograph books. I consider that an accomplishment. I mean there was everything you could dream of.
I do plan on going back in the spring and making it a mini vacation complete with an overnight stay.  We've all heard that tired saying that everything is bigger in Texas. Well, when it comes to antique fairs, it's true. I had to share some photos even though they don't do it justice. I can't help but think of my online vintage loving pals. I'd love to plan a trip with so many of them.